best clash royale decks for arena 3 to reach arena 11

Best clash royale decks for arena 3 is a making a clash royale battle strategy in arena 3. In this arena you can use the troops you have got and upgraded to a higher level. The player in this arena should create a strategy with the troops you want to use.

Clash royale decks arena 3 Spawner

The builder hut is an offensive and defensive card you can get at the goblin stadium arena. Builder hut is very useful for defense, this is a combination of defense and attack. If this card is combined with a tanker that has a high and great health point you will easily get the crown and trophy in arena 3 and beyond! read mode clash royale decks arena 4

The builder hut can be combined on all the decks because it’s so great. This is a very important card every battle. The builder hut can strengthen to defeat the enemy. With 5 elixir, below is a sample decks with builder hut best clash royale decks for arena 3

Card roles clash royale decks arena 3 with spear goblins hut

best clash royale decks for arena 3

  • Spear goblin hut / Tombstone : This card you can use for defensive.
  • Giant : Giant card will be a tanker in front of a card that has a target to the enemy.
  • Witch : Witch card easily destroy enemy clustered cards.
  • Cannon : You can put a cannon between the corn towers and this can be a very good defense.
  • Minions : This will target card that have a small health point, and can also protect the tankers.

Card roles clash royale decks arena 3 with barbarian hut

the best clash royale decks for arena 3

  • Barbarian Hut and MINI P.E.K.K.A : Card key card is very important on this decks. They can deliver to the enemy with the most damage.
  • Fire ball : this card to fight the big army, clustered and strong. This card can also destroy the crown towers of low health.
  • Tombstone and Spear Goblins : Great cards for defense and support. this can also be used as a bait to stop the Prince.
  • Archer and Knight : this is a great army card. They can protect Mini P.E.K.A and Barbar.
  • Bomber : if bombs about enemies clustered or single will give great damage, this card can be a big obstacle, this can be a reliable Bomber card.

Card roles clash royale decks arena 3 with giant skeleton

the best clash royale decks for arena 3

  • Barbarians : Barbarians can be combined with Giant Skeleton. This combination will damage the buildings and enemy enemies cards with great damage.
  • Barbarian / Goblin Hut : This building can be used to flood your opponent for defense.
  • Goblins / Spear Goblins : This card is excellent for balloon defensive defenses.
  • Giant Skeleton : this card serves to be a tanker. Giant skeleton will protect other cards to attack. If a dead skeleton giant will leave a large bomb with great damage.
  • Bomber : This card is very good in combination with tankers to attack opponents who cover the road.
  • Arrow : This card can be used to destroy enemy clustered cards.

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