best deck clash royale arena 4 strategy combination card

best deck clash royale arena 4 is after you made in trough the battle royale arena 3 by using a strong decks strategy. At the moment there are few example of clash royale decks arena 4 popular in a battle royale. By using this decks you can go to the next arena 5. below is a popular royale battle decks when this clash royale deck arena 4

The best deck clash royale arena 4 strategy with lava hound and balloon

best deck clash royale arena 4 with lavalon

The lava hound is a legendary card if this card is upgrading to a higher level is perfect for use as a tanker because of its large HP. put troops that target enemies quickly and give big ones. this is the latest is the lava hound decks version right now.

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  • Lava hound : Main tanker.
  • Balloons : Target buildings and crown tower.
  • Princes : Splash unit remotely.
  • Inferno Tower : Straight fires a laser fire to the enemy and with great damage.
  • Knight : Average hp is good and suitable for defense.
  • Goblins : Help with knight for defense.
  • Archers : Good for defense.
  • Arrows : Has area damage.

The best deck clash royale arena 4 good with giant and witch

best deck clash royale arena 4 with giant witch

The giant, witch, and musketeer is also a very good battle deck clash royale strategy. with this combination, the giant will protect the witch and musketeer from enemy attacks in front of it. This is a very popular battle royale combination decks strategy.

  • Fireballs : Any destroyer of troops.
  • Giant : The main tanker to protect witch and musketeer.
  • Knight : Knight will help defense crown tower.
  • Minion : Moves quickly against the enemy and generates massive damage.
  • Musketeer : Great firepower and easy to handle air and ground unit.
  • Witch : Destroying air and ground unit.

The above is an example of strategy battle decks clash royale arena 4 to easily head to the legendary arena. If you have the arena 4 and you reach the arena 5 you can use the decks in the category. please like and share this article.

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