Idle Heroes Tier List by MKxJUMP – PvP and PvE (2019 Update)

Idle Heroes Tier List by MKxJUMP – PvP and PvE (2019 Update): Idle Heroes offers loads of progression (idle optional) when you collect your very own heroes to get over the campaign levels. There for play to get free across android and ios devices Idle Heroes offers you that feeling of progress every single day and it is perfect for mobile gamers that wants to play basically bursts during the day.

Occasionally the problem will ramp up you may have to backtrack for quite a while to upgrade gear. The problem is that you have just a little objects in the game and also sole solution to know what the stats are will be to add these to your inventory and compare their stats using your equipped products. My second problem with the action was the inventory administration.

idle heroes tier list

Newbies see this before playing Idle heroes.

Your team should normally have a fish tank in Slot 1, your most precious DPS in Slot 2, and everybody else within the backline. By everybody else, you’d contain all damage dealers, but arguable can retain one high-dmg offtank then one high-tier priest when your team would work for this. Don’t hope far too much for Light and Dark units if you’re not a whale.


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  • God Tier: Don’t trash, awesome units, definitely useful.
  • Top Tier: Great units, viable to fill team if don’t have full group of God Tiers (these are very rare usually).
  • Mid Tier: Could be great for improve your team mid-game, but arguable if it’s worth bringing over 6*.
  • Trash Tier: Treat when fodder never over 6*.
  • Honorable Mentions: Might be great alternatives should you build them specially for that purpose.


Let’s check out this updated and also top idler Heroes Tier List. Before moving ahead you want to clarify that the tier list is 100% updated to the patch 1.9.12. And that we majorly discuss the newbies and compiled a tier list. This is the simple reason behind the newbies regarding the idle Heroes Tier List.

Tier Rating Desciption
1 – God ***** Highest tier amongst gamers. Make use of heroes when possible. They’re your long-term goal.
1 – God ***** Highest tier amongst gamers. Make use of heroes when possible. They’re your long-term goal.
2 – High **** Very good tier. All these heroes are viable picks.
3 – Mid *** Not the worst though not this very best. Pick these heroes when you have no better choice.
4 – Low ** Quite low tier. If you need to make use of heroes, try and replace them at once.
5 – Poor * Very bad tier. Try and never pick these heroes

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